6 Best Screen Doors for Cats (For Added Safety)

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Are you looking for the best screen door for cats and do not know where to find them? You are on the right site. I understand that it can be overwhelming to find the one that suits you best with various cat screen doors on the market.

When getting these screen doors, it is important to check the mesh material and durability. Moreover, the screen door will help you keep your furry friends in your home safe without worrying about them escaping.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this article to learn more about the best screen doors for cats, but before that, let’s take a glance.

At a Glance: 6 Best Screen Doors for Cats

# Products  Best for
1. SHRRL Upgraded Screen Door for Cats Best for High-Quality
2. Innotree Upgraded Screen Door Best for Upgraded Design
3. SLDPET Cat and Dog Screen Door Best for Durability
4. KFFPET Thickened Cat Screen Door Best for Easy Installation
5. QWR Upgraded Screen Door Best for Convenience
6. Ownpets Screen Door Best for Small Size

Best Screen Doors for Cats – Our Top 6 Picks

1. Best for High-Quality: SHRRL Upgraded Screen Door for Cats

This cat screen door is equipped with easy-to-install straps and stitches that are upgraded with top-quality sewing thread. The stitches help in protecting the screen door against cats climbing and claws, and its short straps aid in pulling aside your screen door.

There is no need to worry about your cat escaping from your home and going to local places since the door keeps unwanted creatures from your cat. Besides, it does not sacrifice visibility and airflow.

The screen door is designed with a thickened and durable vinyl steel coated wire compared to the standard fiberglass materials. Plus, it can hold up perfectly to dogs’ or cats’ bites and claws hence suitable for pet parents’ practical requirements.

2. Best for Upgraded Design: Innotree Upgraded Screen Door

This screen door has an upgraded design since it is sewed evenly with 36pcs of a stronger magnet than those sewed with 26pcs. It closes two to three times faster without slamming. Plus, it has two additional gravity sticks at the bottom, preventing the screen curtain from blowing wind.

The adjustable screen door perfectly fits doors measuring 38 inches by 82 inches, so it is  good to measure the door before getting one. Besides, you can use it to replace a fixed screen door, which is an ideal fit for exterior or interior, rear, glass, and more.

Its mesh curtains are designed with premium, durable and heavy-duty polyester serving for a long time. Also, it comes with an assembly kit and a step-by-step guide for easy installation. Please clean the door before installing it; it is not suitable for a door frame with powder and dust.

You will love how the screen door allows you to walk straight with your full hands. And dogs and cats can easily enter and exit the house

3. Best for Durability: SLDPET Cat and Dog Screen Door

This screen door is designed with a premium ABS material, making it strong and durable. Additionally, its amazing paw structure brings extra excitement and decoration to the home.

You will love how it conveniently allows your cat to exit and enter the house freely, and you can use it for doors and windows. I love how you can easily tighten the screws with nuts to your frame, making it firm.

It features two sliding locks at its base to aid you in locking the screen for safety. Also, it includes a swing device that allows your cat to enter and exit without pressure.

4. Best for Easy Installation: KFFPET Thickened Cat Screen Door

This screen door is enhanced with stitches upgraded with quality sewing thread to prevent ripping and strips for effective pulling aside if you want to pass.

It is designed with vinyl-coated steel that is more durable and thick than a normal fiberglass screen holding your pet’s bites and claws.

The product is a perfect fit for door sizes of 35 inches by 80 inches, although measuring the door before getting one is important. You can use it for several doors like patio, deck, porch, entry, back, front, sling doors, glass, and balcony plus, it’s easy to install since no tools are needed.

5. Best for Convenience: QWR Upgraded Screen Door

Keep your cat at home by getting this pet-proof screen from QWR. It measures 38 inches by 98 inches, making it suitable for doors with a size of 35 inches to 36 inches wide and a length of 95 inches to 96 inches.

I love how it is convenient for many doors like entry, patio, front, and even sliding doors. This product is pet-friendly, allowing your pet’s new friends to smell and see each other without touching each other. However, it is neat for a safe and easy introduction.

Another thing I like about this heavy-duty product is it features a quality mesh that is great for keeping mosquitos away and other pets out of bound. Moreover, it is easy to install and durable, serving you for a long time.

6. Best for Small Size: Ownpet Screen Door

This small-sized screen door for cats has a flap opening that measures 8 inches wide and 10.2 inches high, making it perfect for small cats, dogs, and other animals.

With the inbuilt magnet, the door can automatically close or lock when your feline friend leaves. You will love how this item is perfect for all screen doors giving your cat more freedom of entering and exiting.

I also love how this screen door is easy to fix using screws and step-by-step instructions. And it is designed with durable ABS materials, whereby the mesh yarn is structured with expensive materials that are strong.

Bottom Line

You want the best for your lovely pet and want to keep him indoors as he sees the outside. And so, the best screen door for cats is all that you need.

I believe you have already found your ideal screen door from the above article. Now, your cat can smell and see his new friend without touching them. Above all, you are sure of him being safe from dangerous animals.

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Annabelle Nerollo

We all love to be comfortable from time to time (some more than others LOL) but our cats are the ultimate comfort lovers - I should know, I have 3 of them.
Let me share with you what I found about the best cat hammocks and their pros and cons.

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We all love to be comfortable from time to time (some more than others LOL) but our cats are the ultimate comfort lovers – I should know, I have 3 of them.
Let me share with you what I found about the best cat hammocks and their pros and cons.

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