6 Best Large Cat Hammock (for Comfort and Relaxation)

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Do you have a large cat and just noticed that she loves comfort and laying on soft beds? No wonder you are here.

Hammocks make a fantastic resting place for cats as they offer support and the cuddling sensations that most cats desire.

We enjoyed compiling this best large cat hammocks review to help you make an informed decision for your furry friend.

Quick Summary: 6 Best Large Cat Hammocks

RatingCat hammockTop features
Best OverallK&H EZ Window Hammock– double-level hammock- super soft fleece covers- user friendly
Best screw suction cupsZALALOVA Large Cat Hammock– soft- durable- breathable
Best stabilityZakkart Cat Hammock– comfortable- stable- easy to assemble
Best designMade 4 Pets Cat Hammock– creative design- soft pads- scratch posts
Best for ValueSea Fortune Cat Hammock for Large Cats– thick coral velvet pad- superior screw suction cups- breathable
Best for two catsZHBWOW Cat Hammock– waterproof – quick-drying- detachable pads

1. Best Overall: K&H EZ Window Hammock

K&H is a brand with more than 20 years of experience designing high-quality, innovative, and safe products for pets.

The double-level cat window hammock provides your large cat fun and comfort when viewing the outdoors and sunbathing. The bed is super soft, with removable and machine washable fleece covers.

A hole on the top hammock serves as the entry and exit point between the two levels, ensuring your cat frisks around freely. The hammock’s steel framework is held up by six strong EZ suction cups that can allow cats up to 50lbs.

The K&H window perch’s patented, foldable, and user-friendly design allows blinds to close as required.

2. Best Screw Suction Cups: Zalalova Large Cat Hammock

The Zalalova cat hammock is a high-quality window perch for your large cat to sit and enjoy. The hammock takes a few minutes to set up, and no tools are required. The package includes a window-mounted cat bed, a manual, a free fleece blanket, and one gift box.

The high-quality PVC-made screw suction cups can support cats up to 60lbs. The average suction cups have a fall rate of 25%, while this hammock’s fall rate is only 5%, thanks to their ability to pat air more cleanly, thus superior adherence to windows and walls.

If you own two large cats, the Zalavolas widening and lengthening design will provide enough space for both of them to hang and play around comfortably. It is suitable for playful cats that like a high point of view or cats that love to sunbathe.

The hammocks seat mat is made with soft, breathable, and durable mesh cloth that is machine washable.

3. Best Stability: Zakkart Cat Hammock

Get your cat a hammock that allows free jump entry without wobbling like the Zakkart cat hammock. The sturdy iron-made cat window seat can hold cats weighing up to 40lbs.

It features a cozy bed that offers warmth, security, and comfort through a sherpa-covered pad and a stuffed wall. The bed is also sufficiently large to allow your large cats to stretch out quickly.

With zero tools required to assemble, your cat can enjoy their new hammock in seconds. You only need to secure the parts together and attach them to a window.

This hammock is perfect for sunbathing and taking naps with the super comfortable roomy beds. It is also suitable for french doors, patios, window sills, sunrooms, etc.

4. Best Design: Made 4 Pets Cat Hammock

Do you want an innovative and functional hammock for your cat? The Made 4 Pets multi-level cat tree house is creatively designed with a combination of elegance and practicality. After play or exercise, your large cat can rest in the cat-shaped condo.

The tall cat tower is stable and sturdy, enough for more than one cat to play with. The hammock also features a security strap fastened to the wall for your cat’s wobble-free jumping.

The soft pads are detachable and easy to clean to prevent the development of bugs and bacteria, creating a clean environment for your large cat. To protect the floor of your room, Made 4 Pets attached to four foam pads at the bottom of the hammock.

The scratch posts, steps, and high perches will protect your curtains and furniture from your cat’s claws. The hammock is easy to assemble with all the accessories and tools required provided in the package. Also, the instruction manual has a lot of images to make the process easier.

5. Best for Value: Sea Fortune Cat Hammock for Large Cats

The Sea Fortune window cat hammock has a thick coral velvet pad to warm your cat during cold nights or the winter season. The coral pad neither sheds fluff nor deforms and is easy to disassemble and clean.

The hammock features superior screw suction cups that better adhere to the wall and support cats over 50lbs. It also features a flannel mat, rubber-covered steel cables, breathable Textilene fabric, and high-quality PVC pipes.

Save time when assembling and mounting this space-saving bed for your large cat. You don’t require any tools to create the cat bed. It can work on windows, glass doors, mirrors, etc.

6. Best for Two Cats: ZHBWOW Large Cat Hammock

The ZHBWOW cat window hammock is made with a solid PVC pipe and strong nylon rope for maximum support. The 3.4″ improved knob sucker is connected to the window to prevent your cats from getting anxious. This hammock is big enough for two large cats to jump around safely and comfortably. 

The suction cups are more effective and stable due to the improved air discharge that forms a strong vacuum in the glass window and the cups. They can hold cats weighing up to 60 pounds.

The wool pads, lanyards, and fabric pads are waterproof, detachable, and quick-drying. The hammock is also easy to clean and breathable with safe attachment cups to protect your cat from dangerous falls.

The no-tool needed, easy-to-assemble hammock features a window-mounted bed, a blanket, a packing box, an English manual, and a toy for your cat. Let your cat enjoy beautiful views outside or sunbathe with this hammock.

Final Word

Whether or not you want to get your cat a hammock entirely depends on where your cat prefers to sleep.

Ensure the features the hammock offers are suitable for your cat and keep him safe before purchasing. We hope the article above on the best large cat hammock has provided you with valuable insight and that you’ll cop one.


Annabelle Nerollo

Annabelle Nerollo

We all love to be comfortable from time to time (some more than others LOL) but our cats are the ultimate comfort lovers - I should know, I have 3 of them.
Let me share with you what I found about the best cat hammocks and their pros and cons.

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We all love to be comfortable from time to time (some more than others LOL) but our cats are the ultimate comfort lovers – I should know, I have 3 of them.
Let me share with you what I found about the best cat hammocks and their pros and cons.

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